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Adoption Agreement Form

Disclaimer: This form is not appropriate for use by breeders and others in homing dogs. It is for the exclusive use of Papillon Canada Rescue. Any use of this form not specifically authorized by the Papillon Canada Rescue Coordinators is at the sole risk and liability of the user. Any use other than by Papillon Canada Rescue must not contain any references to Papillon Canada or Papillon Canada Rescue or the branding of Papillon Canada and Papillon Canada Rescue.

I have read and agree with the above disclaimer

I/We agree to adopt the spayed/neutered Papillon above and to provide him/her with a permanent loving home. I/we further agree to provide appropriate food, necessary medical care, and a loving, safe, healthy and clean environment for him/her.

I/we also agree to pay an adoption donation to Paoillon canada Rescue for this service.

Upon completion of the adoption, ownership and responsibility of the adopted Papillon will pass to the adoptive owners. If for any reason, the placement does not work, I/we will contact Papillon Canada Rescue and give it the option of reaquiring the animal before any further placement.

Papillon Canada Rescue makes no guarantees regarding the temperament or physical condition of any adoptive Papillon and will not accept liability for any dog once it is placed.

This agreement is made on ______________________ between Papillon Canada Rescue and the above-noted adopter(s).

Signature of Adopter(s) ____________________ ________________________

Signature of Authorized Papillon Canada Rescue Member _____________________

Please Fill in the form, then print 2 copies, one for your records, and one for Papillon Canada Rescue, BEFORE you submit the form.
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