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Foster Home Application

This form is not appropiate for use by breeders or others in homing dogs. It is for the exclusive use of Papillon Canada Rescue. Any use of this form not specifically authorized by the Papillon Canada Rescue Coordinators is at the sole risk and liability of the user. Any use other than by Papillon Canada Rescue, must not contain any references to Papillon Canada or Papillon Canada Rescue or the branding of Papillon Canada or Papillon Canada Rescue.

* I have read, and agree with the above statement

Terms of Foster Placement

1. You will be entrusted with care of the dog for temporary boarding and care pending other arrangements being made for the dog`s long-term placement.

2. You acknowledge that rescue animals are often traumatized when they come into the rescue program and you will take all precautions necessary for the dog's safety and the safety of other animals and humans the foster animal may be in contact with, in particular, you will have facilities in your home that will allow you to segregate the dog from other animals and from humans as necessary for the safety of the dog, the other animals and humans. You release Papillon Canada Rescue from all liability for damage to other animals or humans resulting from a foster placement

3. You acknowledge that Papillon Canada R escue does not always have complete health information about animals that come to it for rescue. If the rescue dog has not been seen by a vet at the instigation of Papillon Canada Rescue, you will keep the dog isolated from other animals until a vet visit has been arranged. You release Papillon Canada Rescue from all liability for health problems resulting from a foster placement.

4. You will provide:

4.1 A warm, safe, comfortable living space for the rescue dog
4.2 Care and loving to help reduce the trauma the rescue dog is experiencing and nurturing to improve the rescue dog's quality of life
4.3 Daily food and water
4.4 Appropriate exercise
4.5 Administration of vet - prescribed medications

5. You will stay in regular communication with the Papillon Canada Rescue Contact about the condition and progress of the rescue dog and any problems you may be having. You will immediately notify the Papillon Canada Rescue Contact if for any reason you are unable to cont inue the foster arrangement so alternate arrangements can be made.

6. Papillon Canada Rescue will be responsible for vet care for the rescue dog, but all vet expenses must be approved in advance by the Papillon Canada Rescue Contact.

7. Upon being dire cted by Papillon Canada Rescue, you will transfer possession of the rescue dog to a person designated by Papillon Canada Rescue. You will not transfer possession or ownership to anyone else.

8. You acknowledge that the goal of Papillon Canada Rescue is t o arrange for the adoption of the rescue dog by a new owner and that it may be rehomed at any time. If you wish to adopt the rescue dog, you will go through the standard procedures.

9. You acknowledge that there are risks involved in fostering a rescue d og and you agree to assume those risks. You release Papillon Canada and Papillon Canada Rescue, their officers, agents, and the volunteers involved in Papillon Canada rescue from any and all claims arising out of this foster agreement or the placement of a rescue dog with you, including damage caused to persons or property.
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