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Owner's Release Form

Disclaimer: This form is not appropriate for use by breeders and others in homing dogs. It is for the exclusive use of Papillon Canada Rescue. Any use of this form not specifically authorized by the Papillon Canada Rescue Coordinators is at the sole risk and liability of the user. Any use other than by Papillon Canada Rescue must not contain any references to Papillon Canada or Papillon Canada Rescue or the branding of Papillon Canada and Papillon Canada Rescue.

I have read and agree with the above disclaimer

Contact Information

Dog`s Information

Papillon Canada Rescue does not pay for dogs; it is a service provided on behalf of Papillon Canada to help place Papillons in new homes when, for a variety of reasons, they can no longer stay in their present situation.

Please read and sign the following:
irrevocally transfer to Papillon Canada Rescue, the Papillon named above
I certify that I am the sole owner of the dog, that I have the right to make this transfer and that I have not willfully concealed any information about the dog.

I/we understand that I/we are forever giving up ownship of the dog and that Papillon Canada Rescue will have the right to make all decisions regarding the placement of the dog. I/we further understand that it is Papillon Canada Rescue's policy to spay/neuter all dogs placed. If euthanasia is concidered the only alternative to adoption due to the condition of the dog, it will only be done with the concurrence of a Papillon Canada Rescue member and a qualified veterinarian.
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